First post (aka the placeholder one)

Animal Crossing Direct directed by David Lynch

Hello, i’ve been writing in my native language (italian) for 8 years, but i wanted to make an english blog, so here it is. Don’t worry, i won’t just translate my old reviews, my opinion may be the same about that movie or game, but i’ll rewrite i from scratch, and write new ones. Expect mostly videogame, movies and manga/anime reviews.

And yes, i see the movies/play the videogame i review, and i don’t copy my content from other sites. Might as well point this out right away, i’ve seen sites copying articles verbatim from Bloody Disgusting and just translate them in italian (i usually say “i’m ashamed in their stead” but fuck that, i’m not a renowed writer, but i write it all myself, i don’t want praise for what should be standard operating procedure).

I will update and start publishing as soon as i can make a decent long-term schedule, if you happen to be or know italian, i direct you here for videogames, and here for everything else.

See ya!



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