What to expect (columns, review formats)

judge hammer.jpg

Okay, let’s get to what you’ll see on the blog, column-wise.

The main feature of the blog will be “Wise Reviews” (yeah, a bit self-aggrandizing, but i couldn’t come up with something better AND shorter than that), full lenght reviews, i’m not gonna do separate review columns for animation, movies, tv series, videogames. Not here at least.

I will have info about the way i obtained/watched the opus i’m reviewing, and list specific info for books and comics (language, publishing press, etc.), and i will later organize them by format (videogames, tv series, movies, i’m not counting anymation as a separate category, because despite lot of nuances that characterize and distance it from live-action, it isn’t a separate genre in itself), maybe.

I’m also gonna feature EXPRESSO here as well, meaning that i will also have reviews in a short format (300 words for review), like i used to and still do for my italian blogs, mostly to give a quick review of something new/recently released in cinema here in Italy, distribuited via Netflix or screened in some capacity in my area.

About the pacing,  for the meantime i’ll post a review when i can, i’m not gonna promise to do 2 articles a week when i know i can’t pull it off (since i still write for 2 other blogs of mine), but i want to make a schedule of sorts, and i hope i can deliver content on a regular basis at the beginning of september.

I’m trying to get some gear to record and capture footage, i wanna do video content eventually,  but i need a new pc, which i can’t afford at the moment. is in the works, but not right now.

For now, it’s all i have to say. You’ll learn more by reading, anyway. 🙂




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