Japari Parkman (Browser) [REVIEW]

Japari Parkman 1.1.png

You never wanted to play Pacman with animal-turned-humanoid cute girls, but now you can!

There’s not much to say about the game itself, it’s Pacman with a Kemono Friends theme, but never fear, this is better than you might think.


First, because this ISN’T on Steam asking for a ludicrous amount of money (any, to be totally frank), this is a fangame that you can play on your browser (desktop only before, also mobile now) for the price of free. I’ve actually played and reviewed this before on Checkpoint Cafe (in italian), but i was notified that the game was updated, and i didn’t review it in english, so here we are.

You can play it here.

Gameplay wise, it’s Pacman. You have a single map/maze, you eat the pellets to kill the Ceruleans, it’s pretty much old school Pac-Man with a Kemono Friends skin, with the absurd pseudo-techno music and voice clips taken from the anime when you collect stuff like a Japari Coin. The maze itself it’s pretty typical for “pac-man-likes”, pretty standard outside of a passage where both you and the enemy slow down when traversing. After you get all the dots, the game gets harder and it keeps looping until you run out of lives.

This is for the “classic mode”, because Japari Mode adds darkness to the mix, obscure anything besideds your line of sight, while letting you see where enemies are by their glowy silouhette (thermal vision style). Also, here you can use a couple of power ups by collecting Serval and Kaban icons: Serval can eat/kill Ceruleans depending on how many Japari Buns (aka the power pellets) you collected, Kaban reveals the full map for a limited time. You’ll need at least one Japari Coin to activate the ability (alongside the icon for it), though.

Kemono Friends on Steam
Ironically, the anime IS on Steam.

And… that’s it. Not much to say, it’s a cute little fan-game for Kemono Friends fans that like Pac-Man style game, not a bad time waster, nothing special either, but it serves its purpose and probably will get a lil better in time. It’s a fan game, it’s free and it isn’t on Steam (where it really shouldn’t be, despite being better than most of shit Valve allows on it).

With the update came a rebalance to make it less difficult at the beginning/first round, options to lock the frame rate at 60 fps for high end monitors, correct eventual low fps issues, some bug fixes, minor cosmetic changes and (quoting the developer) “basic mobile support”, which is a fair statement.

By that i mean that I tried playing it on both Safari and Chrome on my iPhone 7, but frankly it ain’t worth it, not for now, at least. it just doesn’t work well.

I’ve already reviewed the Kemono Friends anime in the italian, original version of Wise Cafè, but if i have some spare time i might translate/partially rewrite it here.




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