[EXPRESSO] All My Friends Are Dead! (2020) | Party Harder

Thank you newsletter for remembering me i do have Netflix, let’s review a recent polish black comedy that launched as a Netflix Original, one with the title that suggests a horror movie, even if it isn’t advertised as such, because… it just isn’t.

At a New Year’s party, a group of friends witness an avalanche of weird events, revelations, heartbreaks, including a murder, all spiralling into further chaos. There, done, this is the plot, and it actually delivers what it promises, as it starts showing the graphic aftermath of it all, then goes in full flashback mode to see how the party starts kinda normal before it completely degenerates into the expected debauchery of teen movies, only to get completely out of hand and culminate into an absolute clusterfuck of an accidental new year’s massacre.

It takes its time to accomodate you with the varied ensemble of teen stereotypes, from the mormon kid (who hallucinates and argues with Jesus), the douchy rapper-wanna-be, the desperate virgins, the gigolò, the mismatched couple of guy with milf, the slutty drunken duo ready to fuckin anything moving, and so on. But the wait it’s worthy it, as the comedy is pretty good and goes pretty well with the occasional semi-serious moments of straight up (and often brutal) drama, often to flesh out and make you care a bit more about the otherwise bi-dimensional – but funny – teen stereotypes.

But of course, not too much, as you still want people to enjoy seeing stupid teens do the usual teen crap they do in movies, and see them die in ridiculous over-the-top ways because of it. The ending is quite good, with a strong last bout of black comedy brutality to balance out the drama and any potentially saccharine way to look about it.




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