Do NOT buy the Kao The Kangaroo Trilogy on GOG

Yeah, this article isn’t timely, but i wanted to get around to it eventually, and eventually here we are.

Earlier this year, GOG re-released all the original Kao The Kangaroo games as bundle for 6 bucks, and since i was actually waiting for a re-release of the first and third games, as i’m a platformer buff and these are getting hard to find, i immediatly bought them, especially with a small discount to 5 bucks.

But sadly GOG really dropped the ball on this re-release of a niche and forgotten platformer series from polish developer Tate Interactive, especially as it wasn’t released before in its enterity. Kao 2 is basically the same as the enhanced Steam release, and it was also released on PS2, so there’s really not much to say.

The problems come with the other two games, the ones most people bought the collection to play because they didn’t before. The original Kao The Kangaroo game was released on both Dreamcast and PC at the time, so of course the GOG release ignored the version WITHOUT tank controls, and released the PC one.

Good idea for a 3D platformer game, good idea.

..Or at least i’ve red so, but it would make sense to believe they didn’t do jack shit to add controller support, or nothing at all to the original PC build… because the game just doesn’t work, as it won’t launch… AT ALL. It just doesn’t work, and apparently it’s because of resolution issues. You can guess so as you will try to launch the game from the GOG client, it will do in windowed mode… and immediatly crash and close itself. EVERY SINGLE TIME.

There are fixes to remedy this, but i buy stuff from GOG exactly to avoid having to thinker around with stuff like this for old PC games, what the hell i paid for, GOG?

What the hell were the 6 bucks you ask for?

Mind you, by the time of this release MONTHS have passed, and they never fixed anything. Nor the games have reached Steam, it’s unclear if this is an exclusive, a timed exclusive, or anything else.

The third game, Kao and The Mystery Of The Volcano, fares better, as it actually launches as is…. but the fact it’s a step up in itself it’s quite miserable, and it’s another “funnelling” of the game as it was on the PC retail release (no doubt here as this game in particular came out only on PC), you can tell from the options and the resolution it runs in, this is a very slapdash port without anything changed or added.

A bit sad how the one game in the series i was less interested in, the one that’s incredibly short and feel like an expansion to Round 2 than its own thing, it’s that short. The english text (audio is polish only) is also crappy, i don’t need to know polish to tell this is a bad translation, there’s a lot of typos, bad synthax, funky grammar, clearly whoever translated it didn’t know english very well.

So, overall quite the piece of shit re-release, where the first game of trilogy doesn’t work, the second one is just the same version previously released on Steam, and the third is prone to crash when in fullscreen.

Not exactly an auspicious thing to celebrate a new Kao The Kangaroo game, set for release this year.

Yeah, unless it’s discounted A LOT i don’t really recommend buying the Kao Trilogy on GOG, i would say “wait for when it’s fixed”… but come on, they had all the time in the world and the first Kao The Kangaroo, a 21 years old (by now) game doesn’t work, and requires a lot of fiddling, using many kinds of external software to run old games on modern hardware, all stuff the people selling it should have done.

Just buy Kao The Kangaroo Round 2 on Steam, it’s sold for less than 2 bucks by default, incredibly cheap, but most likely you already own it as Tate Multimedia gave it away for free to celebrate the new Kao actually going into production or something.


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