E3 No Jikan (Again)

It’s really that time of year again, and while this year the expo is happening (for those who forgot, in 2020 the pandemic maybe it impossible to host for obvious reasons), it’s gonna be a digital only event.

And for the better, i think, since most people couldn’t afford to go there anyway and it wouldn’t be wise anyway to do a big gathering of events while the pandemic is still going (people are bored of it, but it ain’t over yet), so oddly everyone will share the same viewing experience. If you still care.

And frankly, i don’t care much for the E3 anymore. I still do to some extent, but it’s just for the communal, ritualistic aspects of it being the “big event” for the gaming scene.

Years of disappointments, outright lies, overhyping the shit out of everything, awkward skits, staged “gameplay demos” showcase, developers, mouthpieces and random celebrities talking bullshit or just doing PR stunts for future huge ass disasters, bullshots, and all the bullshit this industry usually peddles. And most people decide to forget, because they want to believe this time Todd Howard won’t talk out of his ass, and will shower these lying assholes with applause for the bare minimum, if even that.

I don’t even watch the conferences anymore, it’s a waste of time, i just don’t bother and get the cliffnotes, condensed version of it. I always make an exception for Nintendo because the Nintendo Directs are what i want: info, announcements, directly, without much of the overblown bullshit surrounding it.

But you know what: i’m gonna make an exception and watch them all this year, because absence does the heart grow fonder, or – most accurately – it will give me some sense of normalcy, and it speaks volume about how things are that i would welcome back the “normal” bullshit show set up by and for the gaming industry.

So, expect a big ass article recap of my feeling about this year’s E3 later this month.

I do look forward to Crowbcat’s recap video of this E3, that i genuinely look forward to.



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