EXPRESSO movie reviews (kinda) coming back


Yeah, against all odds, i won’t have to wait until dicember to get back into cinemas, as i happen to live near one of the few cinemas of the Uci Cinemas chain that will be re-opening next week (with obvious safety precautions, we’re not out of this yet here in Italy, despite what we would love to believe). Pure luck, as in many other cinema chains are staying closed, and even of this specific chain, just 4 cinemas in Italy are re-opening (but more are expected to follow suite).

The catch is that since the release schedule was never updated since the beginning of March, so it mostly old movies (some ones that debutted in theathers in January, or even older) but still, it’s great just to go back to the cinema experience. And i have some unfinished business exactly because of the closure due to the COVID-19.

So, if not anything else, expect an EXPRESSO review of The Grudge (2020).

Hopefully, more, but not that soon, i fear. 😦


3 pensieri riguardo “EXPRESSO movie reviews (kinda) coming back

    1. Sì (non mi pare di averla recensita, ho visto prima l’originale, non ho ancora sbatti per i seguiti, americani o giapponesi), ed onestamente l’ho trovata pessima.

      "Mi piace"


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