The PS5 Reveal Obligary “Hot” Take

PS5 duralodon

So, after an earlier conference focused on specs and details that for many people don’t mean much of substance (one that was actually labeled as such, but people had to be outraged regardless, despite being their fault for not reading what it was about), and a week of delay made to be respectful of recent events in America (and the obscene crimes against humanity perpetrated by the police, because this is basically United States Of Nord Korea), this 11th of June Sony did their “Nintendo Direct” equivalent to unveil the new upcoming main console in the Playstation line, the PS5, share some more juicy details, and most important, show some games for it.

And you know what, i kinda miss the lack of E3 this year (for obvious reasons), yes, even despite all the issues of before, but then again, it was a mercy kill this one, the format was gonna die soon anyway and basically go the way of Nintendo Directs, makes much more sense in this enviroment of constant leaks n stuff… but yeah, i’m not gonna praise Sony for doing the expected.

So, about the PS5 design…. good, seems like a Duralodon (among other things, the meme mine is proving to be a fun one on this subject), so i have no qualms about it from an aesthetical standpoint. It’s a more stylish design than the PS4, yes, but i have some doubts about how practical will it be, because most people put their console horizontally. The stand-up set up looks good in advertising, but i can almost guarantee you most people will NOT put the PS5 in vertical position. Also, i have some doubts about performance, especially how loud it will be, my old PS4 has become so loud i once accidentally mistook the sound for my cat purring very hard.

I was expecting the PS5 to support physical media, i wasn’t – fully – expecting one with disc tray and one without, relying only on digital. Lotsa fun when 10 years from now for people who got the digital edition of the PS5, forgot or weren’t able to download everything, so bye bye if it gets delisted, the servers go down or something else that makes their purchase completely void.

PS5 standard and digital edition

Another source of cheap schadenfraude will be laughing at the parents that get their children the digital edition of the PS5 alongside games on disc, everybody has pointed that out, but let’s face it, it’s gonna happen, because we may research too much, but the average consumer won’t, and the fact it’s called the digital edition won’t necessary make Joe Asbestos doubt if it’s buying the right one.

Definitely gonna get the disc enabled one, not at launch, definitely, wallet has been demolished and brutalized recently, and i fear the prices increase for the physical disc compatible model anyway. No prices yet, soon, but not revealed here. And worse, no confirmation of the retrocompatibility in any shape.

At first glance, it seems absurd that GTA V is the first thing to be shown in a new gen games showcase, but thinking about it, there’s no way 2K wasn’t gonna keep milking the literal “most profitable entertaiment product ever”, so after the PS3 to PS4, we gonna get another enhanced port with some extra stuff, and some promotion to keep playing GTA Online, which will be compatible with the PS5 version at launch.

Ratchet And Clank Rift Apart new face

RATCHET & CLANK! YES! FINALLY! The remake/movie tie-in one was pretty good, but was never followed by a remake/remaster of the other titles, or anything. So it’s about damn time, i love this series to bits, since it’s original debut on PS2, and it’s definitely earned its’ place in the Playstation history. Genuinily excited to see R & C back at all, honestly, and the gameplay trailer (from a “Pre-Alpha” build, allegedly) looks reassuring, it’s good ol Ratchet & Clank with a new interdimensional mechanic (shown here as a grappling hook-teleporter thing) and a new Lombax character.

Stray looks intriguing, an interesting twist on the cyberpunk fare, where all humans seem gone and robots having their own society (mimicking the human one, of course), and the only organic moving thing is the titular stray cat, looking around with a cute backpack for unknown reason. At least judging from the reveal trailer that most likely isn’t indicative of gameplay.

I love Housemarque’s games, this time they cooked up something that looks like a All You Need Is Kill/Edge Of Tomorrow scenario, with a third person shooter sporting a randomly generated/changing levels upon respawning (at least the narration from the protagonist suggests so), and some Dead Space-ish vibes. Good name too, Returnal.

Didn’t expect to see Sackboy again, but since Media Molecule has Dreams now, a new Little Big Planet was kinda pointless, so the handicrafted hero has broke free of the franchise, with his own dedicated platformer that’s not made just to give you the tools to make platformer levels, but just enjoy a platformer made by professionals, and so unable to get away from doing another Neon Genesis Evangelion levels with another MIDI rendition of Cruel Angel’s Thesis. It doesn’t look great, but it does look cute, it’s being developed by Sumo Digital, so it could turn out decent or even good, if not original or challenging to any extreme degree.

Kena Bridge Of Spirits screenshot

Kena Bridge Of Spirits….. looks alright. It looks like it’s made by people with background in animation (as the studio leads say), definitely, but it looks generic in every way, from the story, the character design, the “asian fantasy” world. It did give me some Beyond Good And Evil and Majin And The Forsaken Kingdoms vibes, though, it definitely reminescent of the PS2 era in many ways, but i wouldn’t expect much from it.

Dunno what to think of Goodbye Volcano High. It has dino and not-dino animal people in it, looks like a teen drama with an anime inspired aesthetic, and the trailer basically implies the story will end with mass extinction via meteorite or something like that. As to how will i play, an educated guess could be “visual novel”, but the trailer doesn’t show anything that can be interpreted as gameplay footage, so who knows for now.

Finally some footage of Ghostwire: Tokyo from Tango Gameworks (The Evil Within games), and it’s a supernatural horror-action game in first person, where you fight ghosts and similar foes of mystical nature to protect Tokyo. Looks cool. Same for Jett by Superbrothers, even if i don’t fully get it’s a god game or an exploration based simulator, or Godfall, shame Gearbox it’s attached to it, so there’s no trusting anything on that, until proven benign.

Little Devil Inside looks adorable, i’m a sucker for stop-motion style animation (of the carboard variety), and the dual character set-up seems nice, even if we don’t know what it will be really about. Speaking of that, the developer of Octodad is back with a cute as hell thing about puppetesque people mercilessly devouring food-bugs hybrid (like spider-strawberries and centipede-ogies) and gaining their properties, Bugsnax.

NBA 2K21, can’t wait to see gameplay and the gambling systems with microtransactions, card packs, virtual coins and insane grind to do anything without paying after paying for the game itself. Up yours, 2K, with all the virtual currency you want to peddle, all up in the sphincter.


Arkane is back with another first person shooter (which was actually announced a while back, but we didn’t get any concrete info or images until now), and the premise is a cocktail of The Most Dangerous Game via Groundhog Day (with an grindhouse style presentation), as you try to survive an island full of partying people all tasked to hunt you down, a rival assassin and you keep trying as at every death you loop back to the beginning of the day. Aptly titled Deathloop.

Pragmata looks cool and very different from what Capcom would do, everybody said it, but yes, at first this did look like a game from Kojima. Anyway, it looks promising and unexpected in many ways, it’s more interesting and appropiate for a next-generation presentation, instead of familiar faces coming back for more, like Horizon II and Spider Man: Miles Morales, but i’m probably not too hyped about those because i still have to buy and play them.  Yeah.

And for extra tar and feather, i never got very far outside of beating the blob-shield thing on the original Demon Souls, but i know many people wanted a remaster of it, this seems to be more than that, but the original Souls experience will be back, it’s a special occasion regardless.

Going back to Pragmata and Capcom, i remember watching the trailer/video for Deep Down…. still waiting for that, so i hope we won’t just see these screenshots and trailer for the next 6 years of Pragmata, before it becomes an interesting piece of cancelled media (not that way). Same for Squeenix’s Project Athia, can’t wait for it to become something completely different in 2031 when it finally released under a completely different name, after changing at least 2 directors and 3 iterations.

Not new in any shape, but it still soothes my soul to see Oddworld still around at all in this day and age, and Soulstorm (a remake of Abe’s Exoddus with a brand new story, follow up to Oddworld: New N Tasty, itself a remake of Abe’s Oddysee) looks as good as ever. Hope this new Gran Turismo can bring the series back to focusing on the career mode instead of online competition (and randomly cutting a lot of the previously available cars), without having to patch a proper single player campaign after release.

GTA V 1 million a month in GTA ONLINE

So, first good impression, BUT i’m sure the game industry is gonna find new and exciting ways to completely ERADICATE any goodwill and genuine hype one may feel, at least now, when everything is possible, and every corporation is gonna say that this time, for realsies, the console will be able to blow you for free, and make the angels of paradise come watch, just to make sure that you did ask for that and didn’t say bullshit like “it’s a paradigm shift for console gaming”.

Especially because honestly i’m not blown away by what i saw, games look mostly good, yes, but in the same way they did when the PS4 came out, they look like prettier and better looking PS4 games, and the overall feeling is one of “quiet continuation” (again, they decided to start the showcase with GTA V, if that don’t set the tone already), not of “limitless new frontiers”, we can see the limits already, in a way, regardless of how much corporate drivel comes out from the mouth of Sony PR people and developers alike. Heard this shit so many times, it’s just so routine, the same old bullshit, and potentially even worst crap we haven’t yet envisioned.

It won’t be all crap, but prepare to wether the inevitabile bullshit and the games that won’t really run and look as shown, because of…well, limits, and reality.


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