[EXPRESSO] Greenland (2020) | Family Fallout

Oh, yes, the indie subgenre of Gerard Butler movies.

For the record, i do like Butler, but for better or for worst you can often easily guess what kind of experience you’re getting in a movie just by seeing him starring in it. This is exactly one such occasion, as Butler stars in another disaster movie, after weathering Geostorm (which i didn’t see) 3 years ago.

This time things are a teensy bit different, as he embarks in a desperate journey to a bunker in Greenland, where maybe him and his family can survive a coming meteor that will fall on Earth and probably cause the extinction of mankind. So yeah, no chance to see him suplex the meteor out of orbit while clad in a mechanical golden god robe, but it’s a more realistic approach, and the focus on surviving the threath more than facing it works better.

Directed by Ric Roman Waugh (Snitch, Angel Has Fallen), Greenland sadly never rises from being … adequate, as it tries to focus more on the drama, but also has no qualms in compromising and forcing conflict so we can have more action scenes, or more twists, doesn’t matter if they’re dumb even in context. Regardless, don’t get locked into a conversation with Butler, he’ll get his way regardless if you do, even at long-range.

The movies tries to be better, but it can’t fully committ to either its more ludicrous or serious elements, decent to good perfomances can’t do much when the main characters are built out of clichès, and the movie wants to hit you over the head with the themes, or cheaply provoke an emotional response. While it’s perfectly watchable, i feel it’s a bit longer than it should, you could have cut 20 minutes out of it.




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