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The summer break is over, so it’s time to hit the desks… not for me (yet), but the arbitrary time for “school’s in” has officially arrived yet again. No “school slashers” special, and frankly i’m still waiting for many movie releases to trickle down here as well, especially those planned for theatrical releases, like The Green Knight has yet to even receive a release date here (The Duel instead it’s due in a couple of weeks).

Which also explains why you didn’t see any EXPRESSO movie reviews in the last 2 weeks, as the cinemas and release schedule here slowed to a crawl, aside from Fast N Furious 9.

Also, i should point out that the site it’s now monetized (should be, anyway)…. which just does mean that, my schedule hasn’t changed because of it, but i feel it’s worth pointing out in case you wonder if you saw ads before or what. You didn’t.

We’ll be starting tomorrow with a review of the new Candyman, so bye!



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