About that redesigned Sonic The Hedgehog…

Sonic The Hedgehog 2020 new design.png

So yes, as announced after the huge (and in retrospect, highly predictable) backlash the original design shown in the first trailer, they scrapped that eldritch thing, and came back today with a new trailer, which shows some new scenes, and a new redesigned Sonic that’s a fuckton more pleasing to look at.

As i said before, i was kinda against this, for two reasons.

First, this sets a precedent that you’re willing to let Twitter/Facebook dictate your creative choices, to leave “the internet” decide on your vision, which also implies strongly there’s no vision, or very little, when you’re letting the internet “hive mind” (usually vicious, but also easily distracted, bored and with short memory) decide on not insignificant elements like the character design for the main character, you know, the one the movie is title after and about.

Second, i feel that there were all ingredients for a cinematic trainwreck, a primo bad movie, and the sadistic part of me wanted that, at least it would have been a memorable disaster of a movie, one to bring in conversation about how this is the standard quality you get out of live action adaptations of videogame, even in a post-Detective Pikachu movie world. It’s odd to say i “liked” the movie better when it was worse (especially when i haven’t actually seen it or just can’t for obvious reasons), but i would have been interesting to see them stick to that design.

Even if that design should have never gone so far as being greenlit, it’s really one of those “how did you think it would go?” situations, a complete display of cluelessness, a reminder money can’t buy you good sense. But money can pay people to fix shit like that, not that we should be learning this lesson again, or pretend to learn it, anyway.

Sonic The Hedgehog 2020 the good boy.png

Make no mistake, this new trailer is 10 times better than the original one, and actually makes the movie looks…. watchable. mediocre fluff, but watchable. It still could be a stinker anyway, because frankly it’s not a particularly inventive or solid premise, it doesn’t look particularly entralling, but it’s clearly a movie marketed/manufactured mostly to kids, and it could do in this regard. Even if i don’t buy the “it’s for the kidz, so we can feed them shit” argument.

Then again, i’m not exactly a Sonic fan, so i don’t a dog in this fight. So i’ll just say this: good on the animators and designers burden with this task, i just hope you get paid, because i’m not feeling this racking it a fuckton of money, but it’s Sonic..

So good luck, everyone!

And yes, i’ll watch the movie when it comes out here, if anything out of morbid curiosity.



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