Megalodon (2018) [REVIEW] | Navy VS Russians VS Sharks

Megalodon 2018

Not be confused with 2012 movie called “Megalodon” (re-released as Sharkzilla in some territories), this is the one with Michael Madsen in it, for one of those “10 minutes and then i’m out, but i’m still top billed” casting stunts, because Eric Roberts or Danny Trejo weren’t available this time.

No, this is the one about how a russian submarine (in an attempt to sabotage “those stubborn americans idiots” and their communications) accidentally releases a megalodon shark from the ocean floor (yes, they just grew from trees back in them olden prehistoric days), and is rescued by an american Navy ship, who is then attacked by the shark and has to both find out what them russians were doing in that submarine, and how to fight off the shark.

It’s a battle of stereotypes, with freedom loving honorable american soldiers of the nautical type VS icy, cruel and amoral russians who will not stop at anything to accomplish the mission against America, and a giant prehistoric shark that’s somewhat the less stereotyped character. Don’t worry, no need to pick sides, as the russian are almost cartoonishly evil, and the american are so patriotic that they lose the concept of object permanence, so they seem to forget the russian spies still running around armed, so blindling powerful and meaningful is their military salute and their sense of loyalty. It would be trashy and laughable regardless of a giant CG shark being part of this three way conflict, but shark happens, to quote another shark movie tagline.

Aside from Michael Madsen, here typecasted to hell as you’d expect (but worth it for a couple of funny scenes), and the main characters played by TV actors with actual careers in known TV series (like Westworld and The O.A.), you might recognize David Michael Latt name in the beginning credits, because yes, this is an Asylum production, which isn’t obvious as you might think, since they don’t really have an exclusive grasp on CG sharks and low budget shark tv movies. But it would be an educated guess.

Megalodon 2018 michael madsen here

I say this because this has a slightly bigger budget…yeah, not really, but it’s more believable since you actually see them on a ship that isn’t just “basement dressed as submarine interior” or the usual sets mades with IKEA budgets, though you’d think they’d at least wallpaper over some signs that do kinda give away this is not a real ship… it’s a ship, yes, but a tourist attraction ship, and while you may not care enough to actually think how sailors won’t need signs to know where the stairboard is, it’s hard not to notice how the emotional rousing speech at the end is said over shots with a sign saying “ADDITIONAL VIEWING AREA”. Then again, it might be there for the shark.

Still, this is trash (in case you need more clarification on the matter), but it’s more presentable than usual for an Asylum release without much marketing behind it, the plot has enough action and elements to stand on his own metaphorical legs without a megalodon thrown into the script because sharks, and it will kill 90 minutes in a fairly reasonable manner, if you gotta scratch that highly specialized “US Navy VS Russians VS Megalodon Shark” itch with a movie that at least doesn’t treat you with absolute contempt, and will try its best to entertain you.

Results are… lacking, but you can do worse, far worse.

Megalodon 2018 another megalodon

Acceptable for shark buffs with a voracious appetite, i can say that much.



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