Krampus 2: The Devil Returns (2016) [REVIEW] Krampus Go Home

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3 years after Krampus: The Christmas Devil (which at least – as far as i know – has the distinction of being the forefather of Krampusploitation), Jason Hull comes back with a sequel. I think it’s worth noting that this is an actual sequel to the 2013 Krampus movie and by the same director, since we have movies like The Executioner Part 2 (there’s no The Executioner Part 1), Il Bosco 1 (yeah, i know there’s a sequel) or entire sequel series in name only through deceptive re-titling, like for Zombi/Dawn of The Dead or La Casa, the italian name for the original Evil Dead.

Getting back on track, yeah, i was honestly curious to see if Jason Hull had improved in any way, and at the very least there were some plot holes to fill….i feel more by accident than design, but still. Set 5 years after the laughable ending of the first movie, we have Krampus striking back, which prompts the police to search for Duff-Man (yeah, still calling him that) and get him out of retirement, as he’s the only one who survived the previous case. Smelling a chance for revengeance, he agrees to help track this entity down, but the brother of the escaped criminal from the first movie (the cookie & milk chugging one) also wants revenge on Duff-Man…

In hindsight, i honestly don’t know why Jason Hull didn’t make this sequel right away, besides cash, because this time presentation is overall a tad better, as is the budget for the Krampus effect and costume. But make no mistake, Jason Hull hasn’t learned a single thing in those three years. Pointless scenes, a distracting, badly made, ultimately useless subplot given way more attention than the main storyline, shaky and sketch camerawork, abuse of the slo-mo effect, the narrative being more a patched jumble of scenes than an actual plot, amateurish – at best – editing… all here as well, with the bonus of brawls AND gun fights coreographed by a dodo.

Krampus 2 The Christmas Devil kids with booze.png

The Krampus get-up did get a better budget, so it’s just cruel irony that now they can afford a full mask (i don’t know if they modified an existing one or created it ex novo), and it looks even cheaper than before, somehow. It looks like a Halloween cheapo store mask, i don’t think it is, since when you can get a closer look, it’s not that bad at all. Shame that now Krampus looks more like a demonic-draconic version of Ebenezer Scrooge in a bathrobe, with ram horns.

So now for the things that got worse, like the gore, virtually non-existent, except from some unbelievably cheap digital blood effects, and the fact that the Krampus is even less on screen, so much it’s mind boggling why even bother doing a Krampus themed movie with Krampus in the title. Or why try fool people with a fake newscast where the dialogues say “sunny summer” on the backdrop of a grey as hell sky? That scene is funny though, accidentally so, with the actor that stumbles out of the scene, a goof they clearly could have corrected with cutting earlier and dissolving to black, but they kept it in anyway, it is funny, gotta hand it to them.

What isn’t funny is that the movie – after wasting enough time – decides to actually do something with the plot thread of Duff Man’s daughter, which is back only to provide some nudity, and to remind audiences of Elves, by making him “uncle dad” and making him immortal. I would like to explain why, but the only reason i can guess is to make room for another one of these, because we need another crapfest that – yet again – can’t even bloat itself up to 80 minutes, despite resorting to increasingly desperate, tasteless and ultimately still boring as hell exploits.

Krampus 2 The Devil Returns we like to watch.png

At least there aren’t as many plot holes this time, the acting is on the same level (and pretty much has the same cast), but make no mistake, it’s actually worse than the first one, somehow, even more boring, with new disgusting elements, committing pretty much all the same mistakes, and the better-but-worse Krampus costume isn’t a good trade off for even lesser gore effects, and almost total lack of gore.

This time, i’m gonna just ask it: please don’t bother with Krampus 3 (or whatever you’re gonna call it), Jason Hull. I suggest you just don’t.


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