Warriors Orochi 4: Ultimate (Overprice)

Remember this one?

A quick rant, since Koei continues to takes the piss hard with their business policies,  because even now that they don’t have to necessarily physically reprint a game for the expanded/upgraded… they still charge obscene prices, pretty much making more sense to wait for a price drop on the physical edition of the upgrade/expanded game.

Except that they are strong-harming you to still buy DLC, regardless if you bought digital or physical.

It’s not new, as Koei already did it with AOT 2: Final Battle, which doesn’t include the previously released Season Pass, i thought it was Koei being stupid and forgetting to let the game know i actually already that content, like how Omega Force forgot to fix the non working “Download” option on their PS4 musou games main menus.

How naive of me.

WO4U perseus.jpg

Same situation for the Ultimate version of the fairly mediocre Warriors Orochi 4, which – from what i can read listed – doesn’t add much to warrant a 40 or 50 bucks digital upgrade, especially when you can already find it for 50 bucks online. Especially on the story chapters, as they seem and sound like something that really should have been in the base game (more than an online 3 vs 3 base capture multiplayer mode bereft of players), which had huge gaps in the story, so yeah, it seems that way.

But then again, this is the company that decided NOT to add the Character Pass for the upcoming Pirate Warriors 4, not even if you preorder the big-ass Kaido Edition with the frigging diorama and statues. And i feel it’s Koei calling the shots on this matter, because i also bought the “super duper edition” for One Piece World Seeker, and that included the Season Pass. Let’s leave it at that.

So, now you know why i won’t have a review for WO4 Ultimate anytime soon on here, but look forward to the Pirate Warriors 4, i have plans.



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