One Piece Pirate Warriors 4 – DLC Pack 3 PS4 [REVIEW]

Here we are again, for the review of third and final Pirate Warriors 4 DLC Pack.

And i was gonna say this couldn’t be the last thing Koei has planned for the game, given how the company has generaly no shame in selling multiple Season Passes, like it did for DOA 5 or – to circle back – Dynasty Warriors 9. Which had 3 of the damn thing, 2 costing 50 bucks. Each.

But honestly i don’t feel this is case, since it’s also a Namco Bandai joint, and they used this pattern before, with a three-pieced season pass released seasonally for World Seeker, so it would be reasonable to assume we’ll have to wait 5 or more years for another Pirate Warriors title.

Who knows, maybe in that time One Piece will actually reach a conclusion and Koei won’t randomly sponge entire arcs from their videogame adaptation of the series.

Joking aside, i feel lukewarm at the idea of more playable characters for Pirate Warriors 4, like i said in the review of the last Character Pack, good, but i’m just gonna use them on old maps i’ve already played a lot, since i 100 % this game months ago.

And i’m far from a completitionist.

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One Piece Pirate Warriors 4 – DLC Pack 2 PS4 [REVIEW]

Another season, another DLC Pack for Pirate Warriors 4, the game that keeps in making you wish there was more of it, not only for what concerns the roster of characters.

But i did that mini-essay for the review of the first Character Pack, and then a full-on editorial about the state of the musou sub-genre as a whole.

So i’m gonna keep this and the next one shorter.

This time the theme is “Worst Generation”, referring to 12 characters belonging to the so called “worst generation” of pirates (and Blackbeard), 11 of which come from nine top pirates crew, and firstly referred to as the Eleven Supernovas, the notable rising pirates from that generation that caught the attention of the World Nobles, and one of them is speculated will become the next Pirate King.

Compared to the first pack, this one was far easier to guess once the theme became clear, because most of the “Worst Generation” pirates were already playable in the base PW 4, some had been since Pirate Warriors 2, even.

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True State Of Musou (As of 2020)

Yeah, busting out this old gem.

I teased this with my comment on the Dynasty Warriors 20th Anniversary celebration video, and – as i said in the article – that was just the tipping point, the final push to make me write down an editorial on the musou genre/subgenre, one i had been ruminating about for a couple of years.

And to do that, i will have to start not from the beginning (i will eventually do a full retrospective, in time), but from the last numbered title in the main Warriors series, Dynasty Warriors, yes, Dynasty Warriors 9.

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One Piece Pirate Warriors 4 – DLC Pack 1 PS4 [REVIEW + RAMBLE]

OP Pirate Warriors 4 DLC PACK 1.png

I wasn’t planning on reviewing the DLC packs as well, but then again Namco and/or Koei silence on eventual stuff one would expect for a 30 bucks Season Pass…. made me feel apprehensive, and it worth keep banging on these issues, they won’t go away if you get bored of hearing about them, quite the contrary.

So you get both a review of the first DLC Pack for Pirate Warriors and a small digest of Koei’s DLC bullshit (just this once, i’m not gonna do that for the following DLC packs’ reviews), far from comprenhensive, but fear not, i could easily make an essay on this subject. If you’re already familiar (or WAY too familiar) with the subject, please just skip to the review of the DLC pack itself below. Continua a leggere “One Piece Pirate Warriors 4 – DLC Pack 1 PS4 [REVIEW + RAMBLE]”

One Piece Pirate Warriors 4 PS4 [REVIEW]

One Piece Pirate Warriors 4 PS4.jpg

Disclaimer: i pre-ordered the Kaido Edition, which means i got the big ass statuines (and i mean big ass), and the pre-order bonuses, which consisted of Dynasty Warriors costumes for Trafalgar Law and Boa Hancock, as well as early unlocks of the Vinsmoke brothers, but for the sake of review i didn’t download their “early unlock DLC” (and played on Normal difficulty), so we’re just gonna talk about the base game, maybe i will do a review of the Kaido VS Luffy diorama, but later.

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Warriors Orochi 4: Ultimate (Overprice)

Remember this one?

A quick rant, since Koei continues to takes the piss hard with their business policies,  because even now that they don’t have to necessarily physically reprint a game for the expanded/upgraded… they still charge obscene prices, pretty much making more sense to wait for a price drop on the physical edition of the upgrade/expanded game.

Except that they are strong-harming you to still buy DLC, regardless if you bought digital or physical. Continua a leggere “Warriors Orochi 4: Ultimate (Overprice)”