Raging Sharks/Shark Invasion (2005) [REVIEW] Alien Shark Attack

Raging Sharks AKA Shark Invasion 2005

To make things clear: this is NOT connected to the Shark Attack series (like it’s reported in the italian wikipedia page, which is in dire need of a serious update), it just happens to be a Nu Image production that recicles some footage from Shark Attack 3: Megalodon.. and the first Shark Attack, as well. Because recycling is caring.

This one isn’t about megalodons, it’s about two alien spaceships that in 1999 crash into each other while in outer space, and a capsule drifts away to Earth, landing in the waters of the Bermuda Triangle. 5 years later, an underwater research facility called Oshona finds the capsule, only to be attacked by sharks, who attack the facility and leave members of the crew trapped inside, with an ever decreasing oxygen supply…

After many tragic events, a researcher discovers that the capsule cointaned crystals, which were eaten by the sharks, and hence affected their minds, making them more intelligent and aggressive..

Yeah, it’s basically another Deep Blue Sea rip-off of sorts, this time with aliens crystals and government espionage throw in the mix… which is kinda cool, because i’ve never seen this kinda mash-up, and as random as it is, it’s entertaining. It’s a random mish mash, but it’s something kinda different, which is a welcome occurrence, i really can’t think of many shark movies where you have a government assassin shooting people, using hostages and confronting the main character in the boiler room, the movie just becomes like a low-budgeted Die Hard (see Crackerjack) for a bit now.
And – just in case you didn’t catch it before – starts with aliens in space.

Raging Shark AKA Shark Invasion 2005 battleshark galactica

Sadly, the aliens can be seen just at the beginning and end of the movie, but i’m surprised by how good the alien costumes look. Especially in a movie that’s otherwise so cheap to just use obvious 30/40 year old footage of a submarine emerging and immerging, guess all budget went to the decent sets, some props (like the crystal themselves) and interiors, because for the shark attacks is the usual method used in the Shark Attack series, with them cutting together fake shark heads, live stock footage of sharks that doesn’t match the other footage and fake blood/black cherry juice.

At least they got a little better at it, but this explains why sometimes the movie is listed in wikias as part of the Shark Attack series… that and because – like i said in the intro – the movie reuses stock footage from not only the first Shark Attack (part of the first shark autopsy with extra new footage attached) but also a completely random bit of the journalist crew being attacked from Shark Attack 3: Megalodon, again with a couple of extra gore sequences attached to try and mask the fact. Then again, if you didn’t saw any of those movies, you wouldn’t be able to tell, because they gel together well with the usual random scenes of the shark/s attacking the beaches for a quick snack.

Talking of chow, the acting is ok (again, for these kind of movie), passable, but the characters are fairly non-descript clichès with random ass mood swings, besides the dickhead bureocrat that obviously gonna turn out to be the “bad guy” we have the mechanic that’s cowardly, but also kinda relatable in not wanting to be eaten by sharks, the “european foreigner” mechanic, researchers that sure are in there, and the main researchers/scientist that are also a couple. Most of them will just outright do something very stupid when they basically had enough of the movie, and there’s a guy who just flat out tells you how happy he is for his son’s birthday, and how much he wants to celebrate it later, when he will be still quite alive.

So, in case you were planning to build your very own underwater research facility, don’t do in the frigging Bermuda Triangle, you’re just bound to have low budget production companies lurking around, they’re bound to either rip-off Deep Blue Sea, or… rip-off Deep Blue Sea again, adding aliens and discount 90’s action movie sequences. And watch out for sharks, unless they sport a black wig and a whiny personality, in that case you’re up for some mild fame on Adult Swim.

Raging Sharks AKA Shark Invasion 2005 alien crystal

Seriosly, this one is a random mess of a shark movie, but way more entertaining than you’d think. Worth a watch for the shark aficionado.



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