Bunnyman 2 AKA The Bunnyman Resurrection (2014) [REVIEW] | He Never Died

First off, let’s clarify, because this is yet another series with confusing alternative titles.

The first movie’s original title was just “Bunnyman”, and was kept in the film itself even in the UK DVD release, sold under the title “The Bunnyman Massacre”.

This one is a “direct” sequel, with its original title being “The Bunnyman Massacre” (with a more appropriate working title of “The Bunnyman 2”), and with an UK DVD release as “The Bunnyman Resurrection”. Because we are somewhat affectionate, almost nostalgic of this awful old trend of titles for movie sequels, laughable but oddly comforting in its own crap way.

Even if they don’t fit the movie itself, Bunnyman didn’t die at the end of the first one.

Carl Lindbergh once again is basically doing almost everything by himself, as he directs, writes, produces, and acts as The Bunnyman himself (like he did for the original Bunnyman film), in what looks like a very unconfortable sweat contraption. I don’t envy anyone having to wear one of those animal mascot costumes, but i’m starting to believe that bit from an Amazon review of the third Bunnyman movie, “the director made three of these in order to pay back for the bunny suit” was an accidental nugget of truth, even if it was just an offhanded joke.

You will wonder why otherwise bother to make anymore of these, besides “because i can”, there’s absolutely nothing here to develop, no mythology to the killer the series is created around and named after, no characterization, no story, no reason for basically any of it. Actually, it’s arguably worst in the plot department, since the Bunnyman now is living with the hillbilly from the first one, Joe, who didn’t do anything (or interacted with the killer), but now has taken in the freak and uses him to hunt and kill passing people, sell their meat as “beef jerky” in its general store-hotel.

So yeah, the plot is basically the same, with a hillbilly cannibal rapist (armed with an endless supply of “ground-bound yokel spit”) being the surrogate to the cannibal family, in what it’s essentially “my very own Texas Chainsaw Massacre knock-off”… one that also outright copies the “sleeping bag kill” from Friday The 13th Part VII: The New Blood. At least the first movie stole from what it wanted to be, with a bargain clearance Chop Top. Here i’m not – entirely – sure the hillbilly cannibal is supposed to be the same character from the first one, but he’s played by the same actor, David Scott, has the same name, and this does consider the events of the first movie.

I’m partially assuming and putting pieces together, and you have to do that when the combination of “hillbilly gibberish” and bad audio will make it harder than necessary to make out what he’s saying.

Then again, the same could be said for the rest of the cast, still made of unknown actors giving mostly incompetent performances, slightly better than the ones seen in the first one, but this is amateur hour through and through. Production values are on the same level as the first one, but this time they had the cash to actually show gore effects, crappy, but gore effects, and there’s some variety to the kills, for example the “spiked barrel kill” is kinda inventive.

Arguably the better effects are the ones used for Bunnyman’s skinless face he hides under the mask, who looks a bit different, more a burn-out candle-flesh human.

Even with this one having blood and more kills, it’s senseless, incompetent in execution and cheap in budget, and still a boring slog of a movie, with a flimsy plot that it’s stretched out beyond breaking point by the awful script, a world populated by complete idiots you won’t care about in the slightest, morons that will escape, then just stand in place to get captured by the killers again, situation will resolve themselves way too quickly to then backpedal forcefully, all to prolong this incredibile tedium even further.

This is even longer than first one, 10 minutes longer, for whatever fuckin reason, making this pointless, exhausting, almost plotless, boring stinker seem neverending.




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