2021 World Wishlist

Yeah, i’m not asking Saint Nick (as i wouldn’t like to overburden the fella even further and its past-Christmas anyway) but the – JOJO MEME – itself what i would pleasantly welcome in this brave new year of real life, disgusting cyberpunk dystopia.

-Yuichi Kumakura, please come back and do King Of Bandit Jing 3rd Round.

It’s probably me and like 40 people in the world that want it, but, still, i want more adventures with alcohol nomenclature used for everything, romantic thieves with “Bond girls” and clockwork cities with god’s brain in a tin can.

I don’t know where Yuichi Kumakura is gone or what the hell is he doing (it’s really hard to find any kind of detailed bio), but please, come back just for a third series of Jing. I’ll gladly kickstart it big time, i don’t know how many would, but..

-a third Donkey Kong Country by Retro Studios

I’m aware that Retro is currently occupied with Metroid Prime 4, and who knows when that will happen since development had to be restarted, but in a timely, crunch-less manner, i would love to see them cap off their own Donkey Kong Country revival series (maybe with a port of the Donkey Kong Country Returns on the Switch, i have no use for it, but it still hasn’t been ported and it would sell), and personally i would love to see them work in something like the exploration of the world map to find items and secrets as seen in the original Donkey Kong Country 3.

(Unrelated, but i would love another Wario platformer)


Come on, Kadokawa, if you can pump out endless adaptation of isekai light novel regardless of quality, you damn well can try to stir the pot and see if there is interest in a new Gamera movie, and you’d be surprised how many people would realistically pay good money for it.

And let me tell you, if the cancelled movie Daiei was supposed to put out before it turned into Gamera, if even Nezura can get a movie made about it… come on, especially with Godzilla VS King Kong slated for next year its the perfect time to bring back some of the old kaijus, because giant monsters are forever! To say nothing of the fact that Gamera 4 fan-film exists and it’s proof of how the spinning fanged turbo-turtle is beloved by monster movie fans.

-Put more opera shows on home video or streaming

I basically never go in opera houses, i often rely on the “broadcasted to cinemas” method to catch some shows… well, i relied, but still, since most people can’t just go to the ROH (for example, right now it’s closed as well, i don’t think i need to say why) because we live in distant countries and/or can’t afford it, they were quite handy.

Last year at the ROH they had Faust, i didn’t go, so, yeah, good luck trying to see it aftewards, even if you’re ready to pay good cash for a Blu-Ray of the show. And YES, of course i understand why these are made as events, for various reasons, but i feel more can be done, i mean, actually put some of these online, because not many people (and this is a niche interest) will have or care to search through pay-for-view. Yes, these options are becoming available more and more, but you need to fuckin let people with this type of interests KNOW and not just hope they will go to the official site to get info or buy ticket for reserved streams to come.

I could come up with more egotistical crap to ask, but i’ll cut the shit.

Later tomorrow for the final Dino Dicember review!



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