Shrooms (2007) [REVIEW] Trip Like I Do

Ah yes, the “weed slasher” subgenre. Which doesn’t exist… ok it does, but i’m not reviewing the Evil Bong movies. Just. No. Please no.

But cutting out the avalanche of Full Moon crap means there’s very little choice, and i did pick this movie called Shrooms up for 3 bucks on DVD while thrifting years ago, so yeah, it will do fine.

I’d talk about the director, Paddy Breathnach, but i honestly i wasn’t familiar with him at all, apparently he isn’t exactly that famous outside of Ireland, i’m left to assume that, so i wouldn’t expect to get much of a reaction by saying he also directed the horror Red Mist/Freakdog and the crime comedy I Went Down. I could be wrong, though,

A group of friends go on a trip to Ireland in order to find and eat “special mushrooms” that grow in the forest, and trip like they never tripped before. Before entering they also happen to meet some creepy folks that inhabit the fittingly creepy woods, and the tension rises as their leader/guide tells them a ghost story about a creepy christian cult and a massacre that is said to have happened long ago in those very woods. Soon strange things start happening, people keep dying and the teens are left to wonder if what they see (or think to have seen slip away from sight) is real or not..

The movie is sadly not really scary, thanks to the “shrooms” gimmick you get some weird moments and some gory, brutal maiming (like penile ripping), but the many jumpscares aren’t really that effective, and combined with the double-edge sword of giving the main character “premonition” like visions… is that it’s hard to set a good atmosphere exactly because you get lot of “previews”.

But the campfire story is actually fairly grisly and well told, honestly far more effective than the jumpscares. Even with the still be curious in seeing how things unfold regardless of that, which is more than i expected to say, and i do like the idea of giving the lead character the ability to have premonitions about the other’s deaths, and not necessarily just that, in a way that reminds of Final Destination, but don’t go thinking it’s a rip-off of that. It just isn’t.

The final twist is not bad, and it does help the movie stand out a bit more among its many peers, it actually makes sense but i feel it’s also a bit of a cop-out in how it “wastes” the idea of premonitions and the way it flat out explains you everything. And the final shot implying something vague as kinda spineless last attempt to throw smoke and “vague it up” for no real reason.

Shame, because overall Shrooms it’s not bad, it has decent production values, decent acting (even if the cast is almost completely made of american actors and few irish ones), the irish woods do look creepy, but the character a touch too clichè to really, really care about, and some of its ideas really could have made for something less derivative, but needed a better script.

It’s not completely mediocre, but not exactly decent, it’s on the edge of both, but it might be worth a look for the slasher entusiast, it’s definitely not as crap as one would expect for a slasher movie about people tripping on hallucinogenic shrooms in the woods.

One where you almost fear the cover art (which has also been completely ripped off by a completely unrelated Hong Kong horror movie, Singular Cay, that has nothing to do with fungi) is the best part.

Nothing to go out of your way to see, it’s still a fairly standard slasher movie in most regards, but it’s also easily available on most streaming services and if it’s not by the time you read it should be easy to find a cheap copy on physical media online.

Apparently there’s something called “Shrooms 3D” in development as a sequel or follow-up of sorts….. according to IMDB, and that’s all i can gather without springing for a IMDB Pro subscription. We’ll see, but why not? Take another shot at it!


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