Avalanche AKA Nature Unleashed: Avalanche (2004) [REVIEW] | Rippin’!

Time to finish off this January by reviewing a random ass snow-themed movie on DVD i literally picked up for 3 bucks at a flea market a couple of days ago.

I knew nothing about it, the title is generic as hell, probably it’s a cheap TV movie, so it still fits the bill, it’s good enough to be reviewed here, i guess.

And no, it does NOT have sharks in it.

To be brutally honest, i honestly though i was watching the 1978’s movie Avalanche produced by Roger Corman (also featured in the first season of MST3K The Return on Netflix), since a lot of the plot details collide with what i red on the IMDB page, i figured the plot on the back of the box was just another case of people writing synopsis for movie they haven’t actually seen.. but nope, completely different movie, just happens to be also on avalanche, have an identical core premise, being also pretty dang cheap and overall so darn generic you could actually mistake it for another!

I did, anyway. I genuinely did.

Though it might elude you at first, because its actual title is “Nature Unleashed: Avalanche”, and just a random direct-to-video from our good old pals at Nu Image, shot in Bulgaria, of course.

So no trivia about Roger Corman using styrophoam to “enhance” the snow effects, but make no mistake, the CGI snow, cheap effects, obvious recycling of previous scenes from the movie itself and not good editing are… quite something to laugh about anyway.

It’s a very by-the-numbers disaster film, set in a small ski town in Eastern Europe (what is this, Marey Shelley’s Frankenhole?), where an entepreneur wants to create a deluxe hotel , but an enviromental scientist tries to warn the mayor of the town that a super avalance its due to hit the valley… to no avail. Kinda, we do have the “classic” cliche of the stupid political figure in command that it’s warned but decides not to listen, and we also have the one who listens and tries to do right when the enviromentalist does her job and warns people of the danger.

And also a couple of brothers that work as a jack-of-all-trade for ski, snowmobiles, tour guides and snow gear equiment repair are involved, alongside sinister “Eastern European” investors represented by a bald snidey man, and some romantic subplots between one of the two brothers and the enterpreneur’s daughter, just there exist to pad the thing out to 90 minutes, as they usually do.

Going by reviews on IMDB, people mostly hate it, but i don’t think it’s THAT bad.

It’s in a way more watchable than you would expect, in typical Nu Image fashion, as nothing it’s very good about the movie, be it the acting, story, characters, editing or effects, but i didn’t continously keep checking the watch and sigh at how many minutes were left. Which i did for so many crap movies, but not this one.

As most of their movies, it’s not good, nope, just very mediocre in everything… aside some pretty bad acting, but it’s kinda to be expected, and they tried to flesh out the story a bit more than usual, not quite with success but they could have totally phoned it in or worse, as in, there’s actually character development, despite the characters being very run-of-the-mill.

It’s hokum, if you will, but it’s reliable almost-mediocrity by Nu Image that somehow manages to work better than it should, providing some mild entertaiment and trying to do something not completely shit with the limited… well, everything, again, this is a movie where you can easily notice that its recycling its own footage.

Disposable, but not atrocious.



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