One Piece Pirate Warriors 4 – DLC Pack 3 PS4 [REVIEW]

Here we are again, for the review of third and final Pirate Warriors 4 DLC Pack.

And i was gonna say this couldn’t be the last thing Koei has planned for the game, given how the company has generaly no shame in selling multiple Season Passes, like it did for DOA 5 or – to circle back – Dynasty Warriors 9. Which had 3 of the damn thing, 2 costing 50 bucks. Each.

But honestly i don’t feel this is case, since it’s also a Namco Bandai joint, and they used this pattern before, with a three-pieced season pass released seasonally for World Seeker, so it would be reasonable to assume we’ll have to wait 5 or more years for another Pirate Warriors title.

Who knows, maybe in that time One Piece will actually reach a conclusion and Koei won’t randomly sponge entire arcs from their videogame adaptation of the series.

Joking aside, i feel lukewarm at the idea of more playable characters for Pirate Warriors 4, like i said in the review of the last Character Pack, good, but i’m just gonna use them on old maps i’ve already played a lot, since i 100 % this game months ago.

And i’m far from a completitionist.

I remember when Koei regularly updated the original Hyrule Warriors with patches adding extra weapons, new level caps, even an entire playable character, alongside the usual fixed and compatibility packs for paid DLC. I wish they actually supported Pirate Warriors 4 like they did with Hyrule Warriors, if anything even to quell some of the vocal discontent, with fans rightfully frustrated at characters completely sponged or made “un-playable” in this iteration.

But clearly they don’t care about this one anymore.

On this occasion, the theme… is Wano related characters, i guess? Correct.

I was hoping to see old villains finally made playable, personally, but as Kinemon was revelead as the first one for this pack, it was easy to guess the theme, and news later confirmed it 100 %. And given the game does the original story path for the Land Of Wa arc (as it the on-going one, both in the manga and the tv series), it’s fitting.

I don’t know exactly how Namco and Koei choose the DLC fighters, but i’d guess polls had to matter a bit, since Kinemon has been one of the more requested characters from fans, and it’s – surprisingly – a Technique character, the first one for the DLC characters, actually. Odd choice, since his Devil Fruit’s ability (making clothes out of objects) isn’t really fit for offensive in a battle.

If Omega Force was feeling it, they could have added “garb fighting” in somehow, even for a single joke. I mean, Koshosho from SW 4 used a fucking sash. But no, Kinemon just uses his prowess with his sword and fire based sword abilities, with a gimmick that lets him create “wandering fires” on the ground, which can be -reactivated at once with the base Charge Attack, or can be united into a big pyre and his Full Burst enhancing the number of fires you can have around.

More surprising was Okiku, the androgynous transgender samurai (not that the game has a bio or even an encyclopedia entry for the character) and another of the Nine Red Scabbards, since Kinemon had already a in-game model, Okiku didn’t even appear in the original story they “had” to cook up. Regardless an unlikely choice.

So yeah, another sword user. Speed type, as you would guess, with attack focused on freezing enemies and the gimmick on going into a stance by pressing the normal attack button after any Charge Attack, which powers up the next attack. Surprisingly decent for aerial combat as well, and the “stance gimmick” works well enough since the freezing attacks are useful against giant bosses as well as elegant crowd control.

The final character is both obvious and not as obvious a choice, i would have wagered for another Mink character, but no, we have the big cheese, Kozuki Oden himself, fittling as a Power type, with no elemental charged attack, but a ridiculous powerful array of Haki imbued attacks and plenty of combos with his dual swords creating slash projectiles and an absurd range for the longer combos.

Heck, even the first basic attack is a “ranged” ground stomp with Haki that shakes the ground and increases attack, he’s a frigging OP beast, and quite fun to use for that.

Better than i expected, since they are all sword fighting characters, but i’ve seen better, and this really could be said for most of PW 4. I don’t know what else to add, so i’ll conclude by saying that while the roster additions brought on by the Character Pass (and packs) were overall quite good, and some of the choices were kinda surprising, half of the DLC characters of should have been included in the base game, and the pass should have costed 15 bucks, not 30, for 9 characters.

That’s quite enough, right now i’m busy playing and enjoying the shit out of a better musou game by Omega Force, that Hyrule Warriors: Age Of Calamity that came out recently. I’d recommend you play that, it’s pretty dang good, and it feels like a complete package already.

And yes, i’ll have a review of that, hopefully before the year ends.


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