The Curse Of The Komodo (2004) [REVIEW] | Now Without Curses

Yeah, we’re reviewing the original after the…. follow-up (sequel isn’t really the right word by any stretch of the imagination) that was Komodo VS Cobra, where a mutated Chris Latta is pitted against a radioactive Komodo dragon for reptile supremacy.

Why? Because i was bored and fired that movie up on Amazon Prime Video without doing much research, i mean, it’s not like Piranhaconda (also by Jim Wynorski, incidentally) it’s a crossover between the Piranha series and the Anaconda franchise. And i like i explained in that review, it’s not like it really mattes, since that movie recycled pretty much everything from its *cough * “predecessor”, so inevitably describing the plot of this one also works for most of the sequel, that basically added another giant monster and changed some characters just because it kinda had to.

In a remote island genetic experiments on komodo dragons go awry, with results in mutated giant reptiles going around, killing almost every scientist and forcing the military to intervene in order to scrub any evidence of the experiments. Things obviously get out of hand, as they found out the mutated dragon’s venom is able to infect people, turning them into zombie-like creatures, and get even worse when the surviving scientist (daughter of the lead scientist that conceived the experiments) and soldiers have to team up with a group of criminals fresh of robbing a casinò.

And of course, there’s the usual army fartknockers in the office ready to order a strike, or what can be done via obvious stock footage of jets taking off of warships.

I’m honestly surprised how much Komodo VS Cobra copies from this one, it’s almost unbelievable the shameless regurgitation/recycling made, like not only the original motive for the experiments, but even down to details, which it’s amplified by some of the cast being in both movies. And one of the thieves being an actress that i would wager he worked on while making one of his “sex comedies” like The Witches Of Breastwick or Shark Babes, the other kind of movie Jim Wynorski makes while not pumping out monster features under his pseudonym “Jay Andrews”.

Really, the biggest differences are minimal, just that instead of turning into reptile people (one of Wynorski’s leit motifs, if you will) the infected just become zombies because the script says they do, the military official has personal interest in covering up the thing, but really, the biggest difference i could find is seeing a character having to…. reload while shooting at the bullet-proof monster dejour. And the CG monster being a little better to look at, as in less transparent and washed out.

You may now raise your hand and ask what exactly was the “curse of the komodo”, as there was nothing supernatural (like spirits of the dead possessing the komodos or stuff) in the movie at all, but the biggest surprise is not the lack of curses (as in magical ones), but the fact that The Curse Of The Komodo is actually bad enough to make Komodo VS Cobra seem written by Kazunori Ito. At least in that one there was enough stupid shit happening on a costant base to be entertaining.

Here you can clearly tell they run out of plot fairly fast, so they stretch out the third act a lot, padding it out with boring conversation between stupid stereotypes that can’t even manage to have a consistent characterization (like, i’m sure they should have swapped the characterizations for the main robber dude and the helicopter pilot), and stop to take rest despite having rested 5 minutes before, just to pad this shit out, without even a monster battle to look forward to.

Making this even worse, is that the ending isn’t even remotely definitive. One of the characters manages to survive the “bombing” of the island, but he is eaten by other Komodo dragons that apparently were on the island as well. Aside from this meaning the Marine from One Piece is actually more effective at scrubbing entire islands from the map, it would kinda be a potential set-up for a sequel, and we got Komodo VS Cobra, but there’s no continuity of sorts.

Yeah, watch that instead. This one is total crap, maybe not as Raptor, but close.


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