After being presented in the last Nintendo Direct (which i saw but didn’t write a post about because i couldn’t be arsed), yesterday we got a slightly longer announcement trailer from Tecmo Koei, some more info and footage, alongside pre-order bonuses, a confirmation on what platforms it would launch and a more precise release date.

Speaking of which, i’m kinda surprised the game (at the moment) doesn’t have a planned PS5 version, odd considering they announced Dynasty Warriors 9 Empires (which is a month away, more or less) would have a PS5 and Switch release back in 2020. Considering how they just releases in the west Persona 5 Strikers on PS4 with no plans of next-gen version, maybe it’s because they are waiting for when more people have made the “gen jump”, i mean, it’s gonna be slower than usual anyway given the circumstances. Hardly even feels like we just entered a new console gen.

The game itself.. looks good, at least i can say that for the art direction (the after-musou attack sumi-e screen are gorgeous), more otome-like, why not, and i’m liking the new designs, the decision to focus on the Nobunaga-Akechi relantionship is fine as well. One could say they are attempting a “soft reboot” with this one, but still, this is not an excuse to say that the game will have just 27 playable characters (most returning and someone new, of course), HALF of what Samurai Warriors 4 had.

While this could not be the huge issue that it sounds… i mean, of course they will have a moveset overhaul and stuff, that is to be expected, and hopefully each character will have more stuff to learn and upgrade, will be more versatile like they did with Hyrule Warriors: Age Of Calamity (and i’m guessing Persona 5 Strikers, but i haven’t yet played that, still have to start P5 Royal, so that review is not coming soon). It would make sense for Omega Force to continue this approach of removing some bloat to make less but better, especially after what they did with Dynasty Warriors 9.

But exactly because of DW 9, i’m not really trusting too much Omega Force with their own series, just promising “musou action evolved” isn’t enough after the last display of what you thought was “evolved” but was actually quite the opposite. The smaller roster does at least make some sense with the less expansive story focus, but it just sound bad, and it’s obviosly not a good selling point to have LESS playable character for the 5th main game of your series where the appeal is having lots of playable characters to slaughter horders of enemies with.

And this feel like a recent trend, not too long ago Pirate Warriors 4 just outright cut some fan favourite characters from the playable roster, just removed them, to say nothing of entire story arcs scrubbed, almost as if Koei is trying to just see what exactly they can get away with making their games with less content for the same price. Almost.

They promise a new combat system, but again, it’s not enough (even more with how the characters discussed and shown in-game seem to have less flamboyant weapons, not a good sign) and at time of writing there was no footage of actual gameplay, just gameplay bits focused on the cinematic musou attacks. I hope they kept the importance of morale like it was in SW 4, with the “red zones”, but at the moment there’s no way to tell.

We’ll see, but i can guess we could expect Omega Force and Koei to try the “soft/hard reboot” treatment on Dynasty Warriors 10, if this one goes over well.

Crossing ALL the fingers.


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