[EXPRESSO] Run (2020) | Night And Day

Gotta be honest, this one completely flew under my radar, i didn’t even knew it was on Netflix from april… until now, where it got a theathrical release in my country (after leaving Netflix, of course).

Whoopsie. Whatever, i still prefer going to a theathrical screening.

From director and writer Aneesh Agharthy (2018’s Searching), Run tells the story of the weird relationship between Diane Walsh (Sarah Paulson) and her daughter Chloe (Kiera Allen), a wheelchair bound and homeschooled teen, as she notices her mother’s behaviour getting stranger and stranger, leading to find some strange name changes on some documents and making Chloe suspect of everything her mother does, fearing to uncover some dark secret.

Run is one of those movies that don’t really sound like much going by the premise, which might come off as too “familiar” and overused even if it really isn’t, and no, it’s nothing like the 1980’s film Mother’s Day (or its loose 2010 remake), even if it debutted original on Mother’s Day.

Still, while you kinda know what to expect, the execution makes it, as the very good script takes 100 % advantage of the setup and possibilities given by a disabled protagonist, without resorting to insincere little pieties about the “poor wittle paralyzed thing”, and offering very well written characters that perfectly play off each other thanks to the great performances of Paulson and Allen.

Also, while it has a slow first act, it’s not that much of a “slow burner”, as things pick up a bit faster than expected, but tension remains high all the way through, with a lot happening in 90 minutes, and a very satisfying ending.

Been a while since i saw a finale so satisfying.

Nothing “new”, but very well done, with nothing about it feeling vestigial. Good one.



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