#E32021 Devolver Digital & Gearbox Software [Highlights]

One wonders why even bother watching any showcase or conference outside of Devolver Digital’s…. and this year is no exception, The deranged saga of Nina Struthers “continues” with even more ferocious, unsubtle piss taking of the videogame industry, corporate culture and all it stands for, all while keeping the unhinged multi-layered meta-narrative going, and while showing perfect awareness that they themselves are still in the industry to sell you stuff, all packaged in a 22 minutes delirium box.

They get it and still got it.

And it’s not just mockery for the hell of it, as there’s also a good showcase of games, going from Shadow Warrior 3 (which does look excellent), more in-depth looks at previously seen titles like Phantom Abyss, Death’s Door (aka “Crow Souls”),and never before seen games like the black-and-white sidescroller samurai action game Trek To Yomi, the multiplayer sandbox shooter Wizard With A Gun (that’s a title that pretty much implies Devolver Digital is publishing), a weird, card based board game thing with sinister undertone, Inscryption (from the creator of Pony Island and The Hex), and the NES retro graphics looking Demon Throttle, available “only” as an exclusive physical edition from Special Reserve Games, “never” going digital..

I seriously i hope it’s an elaborate joke, otherwise they would be quite hypocritical to be spoofing habits of people buying limited edition of videogames only to never touch them or scalp them… and then actually make Demon Throttle really available via a physical edition that’s gonna cost a lot and sell out in a flash.

As i really don’t like this trend of “limited physical releases” (i’m not offended by them doing a limited physical release, as they already did before for a lot of their titles via Super Reserve Games, and it’s not just them doing it, Limited Run is worse), i seriously hope this is just a joke, Devolver should be better than this.

But even so, once again, Devolver Digital wins the E3, hands down.

So, why bother with whatever Gearbox is peddling? What do you expect from a company so stupid and ignorant that wanted to partner itself with G2A (yeah, i have the power to remember things)?

Still, let’s spend some words on them.

Did you expect some actual gameplay footage for the Tiny Tina focused spin-off Wonderlands? I kinda did, would have been nice.

NOPE, you get just a handful of trailers already seen in previous conferences, most of the runtime is taken by Randy “i forgot my USB full of porn and company documents at a Medieval Times” Pitchford of all people (YUCK)” bothering people shooting the Borderlands movie (like we really needed one, but whatever) trying to do their job, fake – and unfunny – corporate spots for “Gearbox University”, skits with Randy Bobandy and actors and Eli Roth, all that really don’t seem too happy to have to deal with him…

YEAH, it was SO worth wasting 30 minutes for this shit.

The only kind of news is Godfall coming to PS4 (alongside a new expansion for all versions), nice i guess, but it’s telling it didn’t sold shit when it launched on PS5, as this PS4 version will include the free upgrade to the PS5 one. I would more excited if reception for the game wasn’t a resounding “it’s alright, i guess” and didn’t stir much or long lasting interest. And Homeworld 3 is a thing.

Can you please not bother at all next year, Gearbox? Even if the conference was 30 minutes, it was a complete waste of time. There was no point to this being a video conference, you really could have send a newsletter instead, and people would have been less bored or frustrated. Don’t bother, just skip this one.


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