#E32021 Wholesome Direct [Highlights]

Yeah, sorry but due to very limited time on my part, i will kinda have more “double feature” posts.

Especially since this E3 there’s way more conferences and showcase stuff to see, despite Sony basically being absent and EA delaying their crap to a direct thing in July.

Meaning i won’t have to cover it.

Also, since i’m on the subject, i won’t comment or watch the Warner Bros event, as they announced it’s all gonna be about Back 4 Blood and….i don’t really care about it, same for the PC Gaming Show, the Razer one and the final E3 Awards thingie.

And my time is limited, sadly.

I was gonna include Ubisoft conference here, but then i decided not to, since they still haven’t done anything to “redeem” themselves after it came out the company protected and encouraged abusers for decades, and they are quite not subtle about wanting to move “forward”, as in, try to push it under the rug and ignore it ever happened. Consume and shut up, it’s not political. Even if we use the Black Lives Matter symbol to depict a fictional in-game terrorist organization. I don’t care if you’re bored of the issue, it’s worth banging on about it, since Ubisoft is not gonna pressure itself on it.

Also, why bother when the only thing worth a damn (the new Mario + Rabbids game) was leaked earlier?

And yes, i don’t care anymore about Beyong Good and Evil 2, i don’t trust the current Ubisoft to actually make it more interesting than its slop of open world live-services time wasters. But we’ll see, we’ll see..

So, let’s talk instead of something far more interested, the Wholesome Direct, a 1 hour long (roughly, more like 50 minutes, but there was a soothing piano performance by Twitch streamer “omniboi” while waiting for it to begin) showcase of indie games only, united by… well, you guessed, them being cute or wholesome.

And boy we can use a lot of it right now.

So, this one opted for showing A LOT of indie games (75 to be precise), presented with very small trailers/footage to fit the 50 minutes of actual showcase, but it’s a treat regardless, with great variety and featuring a lot of games that you’ve probably not heard about and actually need some exposure, especially since a lot of them are launching on Steam, which will bury them under piles of shit like “Cuck Simulator”.

We go from bird sitcoms, retro pixeled sidescrollers about exploration, farming sim with cute 2D animals, photoshoot adventures, puzzle games, a lot either available now or with a demo available

My picks are for Here Comes Niko!, a 3D platformer from Gears For Breakfast, Button City, an adventure game with foxes playing in arcade and a “low poly” aesthetic, KeyWe, because frigging postal office workers kiwis (obviously), Tasomachi (Beyond The Twilight), as you travel with airship and explore a mysterious silent town, and while already presented at the Summer Games Fest, Moonglow Bay does look quite the treat the more you see of it (even if i don’t exactly love the voxel art style), i love fishing.. in videogames, i mean.

This one was quite good and actually worth watching!



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