Hyrule Warriors: Age Of Calamity – Expansion Pass PART 2 [REVIEW]

The final piece of Age Of Calamity DLC is here, and as usual i’m giddy at the prospect of more good musou content, as a remainder Omega Force can actually deliver when it cares (or when it feels it has to).

And this second (and final) piece of the game’s Expansion/Season Pass was easily the more appetizing to look forward, as it would add brand new story stages, alongside new abilities for existing characters, and new playable characters.

Regarding the latter, it was later revealed we would be getting Pruna and Rovely as a two-in-one playable warrior, and another one not revealed, nor hinted at in any way.

Without giving it away…. it not outlandish as a choice of character, but it’s one that makes a lot of sense to have, it’s quite cool to use and has a fun gimmick-unique ability.

The Pruna & Robbie duo is fun to play as, and expected itt comes with some quirks, as they can summon Guardian Beasts inspired attacks with their “invention” ability (these attacks cycle through each Guardian Beast being used), but Rovely can accidentally be hit by these attacks,

To be blunt, i’m a bit disappointed as i find this duo more basic than i expected, i understand the difficulties in having 2 active player characters moving as the same time with a standard controller setup, nor i wanted it more quirky than usable, but still, only Rovely actively attacks/execute the moves, maybe making them a smaller moveset each but making you able to switch between them with a cooldown timer, or something like that to make them more unique.

there are some brand new maps, like Lanaryu Road and the Coliseum, and some new enemy variants, which is… you know, good.

The new story stages are fun and helps flesh out the narrative, without feeling so necessary that they were deliberately cut and made paid DLC, the new abilities-moves for older characters are pretty dang cool, and there’s pretty much the same amount of content found in the previous part of the expansion, with extra non-story fights and the “memory story stages” having each some extra objectives necessary to unlock more stuff (and the other playable character), some tough and requiring more playthroughs to ace or unlock the objectives.

Don’t expect too much for 100 % completing the Memory Quests, though.

Actually, don’t expect much at all, arguably the game should actually reward you more for that, even more since this is supposed to be the end of the Expansion Pass content.

I would have like more Research Lab quests with some new weapons for older characters like in the first part of the Expansion Pass or stuff to unlock, but the promised content it’s pretty good, and there’s far less grind to do to obtain stuff.

And overall, i’m quite satisfied with the Expansion Pass for Age Of Calamity as a whole, my only gripe it’s that there could have been more, because i want more, but given the quality of Omega Force musou output this years, i’ll count my blessings, so to speak.

So, unless – and given its following the BOTW model this closely, i doubt it – Nintendo and Koei are planning a second Expansion Pass, this is the end for the Age Of Calamity DLC reviews.

In case they do plan more stuff, i would love to see them implement various features from older Warriors titles, like the survival castle or even an Empires style mode with lots of strategy options, connected bases and stuff, makes more sense to use the gameplay of this than the one found in the later mainline Dynasty and Samurai Warriors releases, because this is good, addicting and fun.



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