That’s the sound of 10 years of Ken’s Rage

Sorry to “interrupt” Dino Dicember, but i wanna talk a bit about Koei’s musou series based on Fist Of The North Star, dubbed Ken’s Rage. If you follow any gaming news site, you’ve might already know of this, but since we do have some preview footage running around, i feel the time it’s right to talk about what Koei did to celebrate the 10th year anniversary of Ken’s Rage.

(images taken from Siliconera)

So, the first Ken’s Rage wasn’t great, but it was a fun, decent attempt at bridging a more traditional hack n slash and a musou, and it has the distinction of NOT being developed by Omega Force, but internally. Ken’s Rage 2…. was a piece of shit, basically the same game as before, with most of the variety and gimmicks inserted to make the gameplay more interesting completely stripped away, so not only you have a lot of recycled content, but recycled content made worse. Yes, now combat is faster, but less balanced and interesting, the level design is far worse, with stupid shit like “QTE stealth”.

Even presentation is worse, with horrible and horribly cheap cutscenes, the english dub (present in Ken’s Rage) is gone, and while there are some new levels covering arcs not present in the first Ken’s Rage, it’s not enough, even more since most of the new playable character were just bosses that weren’t playable before, and some character that were paid DLC in Ken’s Rage.. are still paid DLC, like Hearts.

In a way, it’s appropriate for Koei to celebrate this anniversary of the series…. with a mobile port of Ken’s Rage 2. Of course.

What’s more interesting, is that this port for smarthphones will have new playable characters not present in the console versions, alongside the usual dripfeed of content and extra modes over time, including the usual rubbish of Guilds, etc.

You’d think the anniversary would at least be an excuse to “remaster” both games for consoles and especially for PC, since they were never ported for it, and in North America only the X-Box 360’s version got a retail release. Or maybe to announce a third Ken’s Rage, but NOPE, mobile free-to-play port of the shittier one. Though i do realize Ken’s Rage 2 is kinda a divisive title among musou fans, i don’t know why, but i’ve seen some people go to bat for it… for reasons i don’t get.

It could be done to rack up cash and then do either a remaster or another one, but i wouldn’t hold my breath for it, it’s most likely just Koei trying to squeeze more cash from and old game, as usual, and i’m pretty sure they have no plan to bring this version out of Japan, ever. Just a hunch.

I could be wrong, though.


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