What is Christmas without an Ice Cream Bunny?

Think watching The Star Wars Holiday Special each year it’s not the hipster “christmas tradition” it was before? If so, i will propose something that’s also not new, as it has a cult following, but very very smaller in comparison, since it doesn’t have the Star Wars branding.

Santa and The Ice Cream Bunny.

If this didn’t trigger a PTSD-like reaction, i’m here to share my cursed knowledge upon you, because in a way this fits the Christmas period, and its deranged insanity.

Unearthed years ago by the lovely Rifftrax group, Santa And The Ice Cream Bunny is indeed an unique christmas experience. A legendary one, even.

One that they eventually released for FREE on Youtube, the madlads.

As in the movie it’s some publicity film shot decades ago to promote a local seaside amusement park called Pirates’ World…. and by that i mean they got many kids to go on a beach and encounter a dude in a Santa outfit that has crashlanded his sleigh in the sand.

After trying to use/bother every possible random farm animal (and a guy in a gorilla suit, for some reason) they could in order to get the sleight out, Santa (and his unwashed Santa Pants with a mysteriously discolored and everexpanding stain on the groinular region) decides to pass the time by telling the children the story of Thumbelina… or Jack and The Beanstalk, there are two different versions.

As in, there are two different cheap ass live action productions of said fairytale spliced in the middle of the “Santa On the Beach” footage, where eventually a dude in a horrifying creepy full bunny costum comes to rescue via a firemen car/vehicle thing. And endless drowning sirens bleeping that override any dialogue.

It’s the titular Ice Cream Bunny, despite not being made of ice cream or handing out any.

I could go on and describe the entire thing, but it still wouldn’t do it justice, so i actually recommend it if you consider yourself even a mild “trash cinema hunter”, this is a must see to steel your brain in order to maybe survive when the Shoggoth will emerge…

Obviously with the Rifftrax audio commentary, i’m not THAT evil.



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