Biohazard: 4D Executer (2000) [REVIEW] | Parasite Evil

While we wait for the new Resident Evil film reboot, i’d figure we’d take a look at the other forgotten Resident Evil film series, the CG animated one that basically most people don’t remember, know or care to do any of that.

But before tackling the movies you’ve might actually vaguely heard about, we need to go deeper and unearth the first actual 3D animated Resident Evil movie, 4D Executer, so unknown and so “important” it never got the Resident Evil title, so it still uses the japanese title for the series.

Makes sense as it was never localized, and was pretty much a novelty, originally launched as an attraction in theme parks, in case the title didn’t give away its nature and that it was more of an experience thingie, since it supported the “4D” thing by – on top of being a 3D glasses thing , obviously – having vibrating chairs that also blow air on people’s neck, a fairly popular gimmick also used in arcade on rail shooters like Dark Escape 4D.

Sure as hell the main purpose of it was spectacle and experience, because the plot of the short movie itself it’s as stock it gets, with a military squad sent into a zombie infested Raccoon City to locate a certain Dr. Cameron, a female scientist conducting research on a new type of virus.

Yes, that’s it, not that you can do much with a running time under 20 minutes and a project that really couldn’t care less about any kind of narrative, due to its nature.

Thankfully the full thing can be found easily subbed on Youtube.

And while the CG has aged about as good as most internet reviewers’ hyperboles in 21 years, for the 2000s it looked pretty good, had plenty of graphic scenes with lots of gore, even some atmosphere, and the narrative it’s by design devoid of almost any plot, so it’s really fast moving and actually it’s fairly entertaining, the way the creature works it’s creepy parasite like shit, some proper good body horror shit going on.

This short movie made for a frigging theme park attraction thing is way better than it has any right to be, in all honesty it’s more effective than most of the live action movies in the horror department, there’s really not much to it but it’s kinda surprising as it’s not just the novelty of it that works.

What a nice little piece of Resident Evil media to be found in the series’ bowels, honestly.

With this covered, it’s time to cover the “proper” Resident Evil animated movies.



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