#E32021 Capcom [Highlights]

I was gonna include the Take 2 Interactive showcase…well, it wasn’t called a “showcase”, but a “panel”, but still, i went in expecting to see something about the games, but it’s not that.

It’s a long panel where various figures from the company and not discussing equity and representation in games…. and that’s it. Important topics, absolutely, but why even bother letting people assume it was gonna be a showcase, when you don’t showcase nothing? Why bother tricking The Gamers (TM) into watching this, when you already know they are still offended by a random woman existing in videogames?

Who’s bright idea was to even do this and not point out exactly what it was gonna be? The people that cared about the subjects would have cared still, and you would have avoided the vitriol from the usual peanut gallery of racist, homophobic asshats that don’t know what words (like “political”) mean… or well, anything.

These mongrels don’t give a shit about anything besides themselves, why would you even think they were gonna engage with it positively, even more when they expect.. well, a videogame showcase. And this wasn’t it.

I can’t believe the Koch Media showcase could be “topped” for the worst, but this is just.. not even qualifying, well meaning but misleading non-publicized as well, just the worst time, place, format to use in order to tackle the matters at hand. To say nothing of the execution. Unbelievable, just unbelievable.

Seriously, i wonder if not doing a regular E3 last year made a lot of these companies forget why the fuck people tune into these events, especially when they are advertised as what they are, a showcase of videogame stuff to wishlist and look forward to. It’s about selling you shit, always has been, let’s be real.

So, Capcom is doing pretty good in these later years, having recovered from that “we must appeal to the west” phase, but apparently this doesn’t exempt them from fumbling in these conferences-showcases, as while it’s understandable that some games already released or revelead will get coverage (especially if is something fans asked for a while and finally confermed as existing, like the Great Ace Attorney Chronicles localization), and you’re an idiot if you didn’t expect Capcom to show Monster Hunter related stuff or Street Fighter tournament when the latter is such a popular e-sport game, but… some stuff really could have been just a tweet, like them now starting development on DLC for Resident Evil Village. Come on, Capcom.

And it’s also an incredibly short presentation, 22 minutes, it just feels like it stops instead of ending, lacking any kind of intriguing reveal, i mean, they could have shown more about Pragmata, which they presented last year during Sony non-E3 “Direct”, even if we know the game is not coming out until 2023.

Or something new we haven’t seen in any kind of “flesh” before. I’m not angry because it’s very short, but it’s so baffling how even companies like Capcom just don’t seem to know what they’re doing or what they’re supposed to be doing in regard to E3, conferences and so on. Count me befuddled.


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