#E32021 Nintendo Direct & Bandai Namco [Highlights]

The final piece of rambles-recap-highlights i’m gonna write about this E3 edition… before the actual “final piece” of considerations and overall evalution.

First the long awaited Nintendo Direct, often topped only by the community basically setting themselves up to expect the moon and bitching about when they don’t get it…. or when they get it, because a certain set of people enjoy ranting and being miserable about the videogames they say to love so much, instead of actually playing said interactive entertaiment. You can’t please people that don’t even know what they want.

Going back to reality, this Nintendo Direct offered… a lot, to be honest, and a lot of good stuff, some of it really not expected, like a new 2D Metroid, Metroid Dread, a new Wario Ware (love the series, but i just figured it was gone the way of F-Zero) and a remake-remaster of the first and second Advance Wars, would have loved a new one, but still, never expected to see the series again, i’ll take this as a “victory”.

Alongside updates of upcoming titles like Mario Golf, the first DLC batch for Hyrule Warriors Age Of Calamity (have been waiting for it, personally, and the content looks good), gameplay footage for the Switch exclusive Shin Megami Tensei V, a new character for Smash Bros Ultimate, in this case Kazuya Mishima from Tekken, introducing by a montage of him dropping his fallen foes into a volcano, and YES, more of Breath Of The Wild 2, i doubt this is proper gameplay footage, but it’s enough to get a glipse of what the game will be and that it will be set in the Hyrule skies as well, with Ganon making landmasses float in the air.

Among the expected third party ports-releases, there were some surprises, like Fatal Frame/Project Zero: Maiden Of Black Water, one of the Wii U titles that warranted a port since it’s rare, pricey and hard to find physical, shame it’s set to be a digital re-release only (as it shows only the Nintendo eShop logo), and Koei Tecmo doesn’t properly price these at all. the other being Cruisin Blast, which i loved in the arcades, love those mindless “un-sophisticated” old school racers, but i seriously hope they did add a lot in the conversion, i mean, it’s not like the arcade version had much content.

Surprised Pokemon didn’t get any mention, at all, and i guess that Switch Pro thing isn’t really already done and made and ready to exist anytime soon, i guess that’s what happens for believing rumors… unless they plan on revealing it at the Tokyo Game Show or just after the E3. it’s Nintendo, who the hell knows.

While i did say that Devolver won E3 already… it’s also quite hard to beat Nintendo’s “Direct” format, just so much better than what most of the “conferences” usually are, especially this year of waking up the other “dinosaurs” companies. Quite good stuff, i’d say. Feel free to disagree, or not, whatever.

Ah, yes, “Bamco”. Didn’t know what exactly they planned to present, as a surprise or not, so i went into their conference with.. mild interest, not expecting the world or anything, which is an ideal position to be in.

And it was… ok. Maybe do the interview thing a little shorter, even if it related to the game, the new one in the Dark Pictures anthology, House Of Ashes, which has a The Exorcist prequels vibe to it. Never played one of these games, but i’m intrigued “Bamco” is even pushing an anthology of narrative driven adventure with cinematic flair.

Good for variety… or so i would say if the conference wasn’t actually JUST ONE GAME.

I thought the stream ended early, or that the rest of it was sandwiched between talking segment by either of the press outlets hosting the video…. NOPE, their conference was just 12 minutes (or something) of showing and talking about The Dark Pictures: House Of Ashes. I’m not kidding.

I don’t think this ever happened before, at least Warner Bros said their showing was gonna be just about Back 4 Blood… i don’t think Namco Bandai did warn anyone of this. And for obvious reasons.

We have reached level of absurd incompetence i never thought possible.

The videogame industry, ladies and gentlemen!



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