Talking bout that new dang Nintendo Direct

So, as it’s customary and cyclical event by now, a new Nintendo Direct dropped at midnight today, and i have something to blabber on about without planning much.

The biggest surprise (aside the Yoko Taro card game rpgs where everything is made with cards, didn’t expect that at all) for me was the new Kirby actually being a 3D affair in a post-apocalyptic looking urban location, it may sound odd but i really didn’t expect.

Another nice surprise was Actraiser get a remaster/remake treatment, i guess Sol Seraph really was that bad that they decided it would be best just to remaster, fine tune and update the old game instead.

Most of the trailers were confirmations of new content coming to already released games or releases for titles already available on other consoles (some collections too), but still, i was looking forward to see more of the Hyrule Warriors Age Of Calamity second part of the expansion, and i would be excited about the Sunrise expansion coming next year for MH Rise, if i were able to ever get into Monster Hunter.

And yes, i’m glad AC New Horizons is finally getting that Brewster cafe update everyone was expecting since launch (me included), but i would have done without the very Square Enix way of announcing an upcoming announcement for content that will arrive in November.

Another thing that wasn’t yet confirmed but was rumored, expected and seemed like the obvious thing to add was the NSO service now adding Nintendo 64 games, alongside Sega Mega Drive/Genesis ones, with upcoming new retro controllers shaped like the N64 and Genesis ones to buy (paying up the ass for them). I would have expected N64 and Gamecube games, but i guess more is trickling down eventually. Maybe.

I really hate that these N64 and Mega Drive/Genesis games will be included in a separated subscription packed as an “add-on” to the regular one, we don’t know for how much, but it seems stupid to even make you pay for this “retro console games pack”.

Especially since we know how well Nintendo handled the selection of titles for the SNES and NES libraries on NSO, with so much back catalogue and incredibly slow dripfeed of 2-3 titles each 3-4 months, when they could add so much way faster.

Nintendo insanity of old, nothing new.

Triangle Strategy looks very good, we finally have some gameplay footage for Splatoon 3 showing the story mode as well, i could always use more Splatoon and the idea of having to face the threath of hairy monkeymen/cavemen or something like that is hilarious for Splatoon.

The jewel announcement was without a doubt Bayonetta 3, finally existing for anyone as more than a logo, and boy it looks proper insane, i’m in as always with Bayonetta.

OH yes, Miyamoto also announced the release period for their animated Super Mario movie they’re doung with Illumination, and revealed the voice cast…. mostly made of celebrities that are mostly not voice actors, but i won’t have to care since thankfully for the 2022 Christmas release i will see it dubbed in theathers. At the very least Italy has some excellent voice actors for dubbing, but this also means not hearing Jack Black voicing Bowser. Pity.

Honestly, i don’t care too much about this animated Mario movie, especially since it’s an Illumination joint, but i guess it will be the best excuse to revisit the other animated Mario movie most people don’t even know exist.

Overall, i’d say a decent-to-good Nintendo Direct.

See you tomorrow with a movie review!



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