[EXPRESSO] One Piece Film Red (2022) | Idol Live Stream

Managed to catch a subbed preview screening in cinemas here, and actually catched another esclusive screening for the tie-in anime episodes meant to complement One Piece Film Red.

Not that you really need to see those going into the new One Piece movie, you don’t.

As the marketing and title (logo included) strongly implied, it’s a movie that involves series fan favourite Shanks, indirectly, as it’s about the pirate crew reaching a mysterious island where the first live event of the world’s most popular singer, Uta, will take place.

The Straw Hats come to party, Luffy it’s revealed not only being a childhood friend of Uta, but girl herself being the daughter of Shanks, one of the Four Emperors Of The Sea, which attracts other pirates – as well as the Marines – on the island of music, Elegia.

And despite the obvious fact this is also a vehicle for rising j-pop singer Ado, whom provides all the soundtracks (giving Kohei Tanaka some well deserved rest)… it’s also a surpringly good script, with Uta being a very good original character, some intriguing surprises that also justify in terms of narrative the many musical pieces, which are also very intriguing visually and incredibly well animated, while the songs themselves are quite catchy.

Definitely a more original and interesting script than the all-stars extravaganza of 2019’s Stampede (while it’s also the first film appearance for many relatively newer characters like Katakuri), and a fitting return for Goro Taniguchi (Code Geass, Gun X Sword, Planetes) to the series, decades after his One Piece Ganzack’s OVA by Production IG.

Sure, it leverages Shanks’ legacy/importance in the series to rope in fans, but it does not overrely on nostalgia alone, at all, making Film Red a surprisingly strong (and varied) entry in One Piece’s filmography.


Sekko Boys (2016) [REVIEW] |Idol Arts

Sekko Boys 2016.PNG

Idols anime are a dime and a dozen, be it improvised local idols, zombie idols, virtual idols, magical girls that are also idols, male counterparts of an other idol show, etcetera etcetera.

So often in anime you’ve find parodies of idols and the showbiz surrounded within many shows not about idols. And in 2016 Kadokawa thought of making an original short anime series (later made into a manga) about a male idol group… composed by half-busts renassaince style statues of historic and mitological figures, with Medici, Mars, Hermes and Saint George, nickname collectively “The Rockies”. A new graduate from art school, Miki Hishimoto, find herself being recruited as their manager, and the titular Sekko Boys (lit. “Sculture Boys”) are definitely a handful to deal with.

You are probably thinking this series is built on one-note gag, but you’d mistaken. Continua a leggere “Sekko Boys (2016) [REVIEW] |Idol Arts”