#E32021 Summer Game Fest [Highlights]

Changed my mind, i will write small recaps/highlights of the various conferences, starting with this one.

Which is reall Geoff Khiley hosting “The Games Awards” by another name… yay?

Even more due to the event being sponsored by Prime Gaming…YAY.

Yeah, i didn’t miss this part of the E3 so much.

Really, this is basically “The Games Award” but played as E3 opener (and without uber cringy shit like the Shick Hydrobot), with the chockful of celebrity involved, which means we have Kojima making a fairly quick comment on how he’ll have to do better about his creative endeavors of mixing tentative predictions of society’s future with whatever absurd bullshit (and i mean it in a good sense, bless him) he can come up with, and a cinematic trailer to announce Death Stranding Director’s Cut for the PS5.

Or stuff like Goldblum doing a quasi-parody bit to promote Jurassic World Evolution 2, or Ryan Reynolds doing the same but for Free Guy, that movie with Ryan Reynolds playing a NPC in a videogame that becomes aware of his reality being…. just a videogame, which we’ll have also streamers’ cameos… i almost forgot about it since the announcement, but it’s set for an august release in the US.

A good synergy of celebrity and announcement was actually Bruce Campbell himself presenting the new Evil Dead game (called just Evil Dead The Game) is cool, even if the game looks like a licensed variation on the 4 VS 1 multiplayer formula popularized by Friday 13th The Game and Dead By Daylight. Not bad, still.

I’m okay with the Weezer performance, since they quicjly shit on Randy Pitchford, always nice to see. Even if i don’t know what game is shown in the background.

The more surprising brand of bullshit was renowed actor Giancarlo Esposito promoting his character role as the main villain of Far Cry 6, arguing he isn’t a villain despite playing a dictator. And citing Castro and Hitler as studies for the character. I’m not even anrgy at Giancarlo himself, this is clearly an Ubisoft diktat.

So typically Ubisoft, i’m not surprised, obviosly after arguing that stories about revolution, civil wars set around real (often contemporary) place aren’t political because they say so, it’s arguing that a characters set up as a villain isn’t a villain if we don’t call it such. We might rile the GamersTM.

To be fair i don’t know nothing about Giancarlo Esposito’s character in Far Cry 6, i barely know anything about Far Cry 6 as a whole because i don’t really care much.

And yes, some actual footage (doubt it’s gameplay footage) from Elden Ring, a release set for January 2022, interestingly for both current and next generation consoles. I don’t play Souls games, but good for the many people that were looking forward to some actual info on the game besides a vague teaser trailers.

Personally, my highlight was Metal Slug Tactics was indeed a great surprise, i love Metal Slug, and the idea of an X-Com version of it looks great. Didn’t see that coming at all.

As the Prague Philarmonic Orchestra performing music from Sonic Unleased to celebrate Sonic 30th anniversary. Why not?

Most of the showing (either indie or “AAA”) didn’t really do much for me, some of the games kinda bleed together (again, regardless of style or “scope”), but aside from Metal Slug Tactics a couple of the indies shown at the end segment (Day of The Devs) do picked my interest, Toem, a black and white styled puzzle-adventure game about photography, and Vokabulantis, of course, since it’s made in stop-motion.

Still not sure what the fuck that “Oxenfree II music test” thing that went on for minutes was supposed to be, i guess to signify that the stream was basically over… even if they already said there would be a musical session at the end. And there was such a thing.

Overall, a fairly typical showing, not the worst or best way to open E3 “properly”.



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